Dorya Contract

Since 1979, Dorya has been a reliable source for Furniture Contracting, furnishing 5 Star Hotels, Corporate Offices, Banks, Palaces, Embassies, and Presidential Buildings around the Globe. Concentrating on aesthetics, functionality, and quality, Dorya's Contract Furniture division is capable of executing any scale project. Dorya manufactures custom furnishings, millwork, and other custom built in elements for large furniture contract projects.

 Founded in 1979 with the pursuit to create handcrafted, heirloom quality furniture with meticulous attention to detail, Dorya has maintained itself as a leader in the fine furniture marketplace for over 3 decades. Recognized internationally for impeccable workmanship and aesthetics, Dorya has earned the distinction of being named one of the most exquisite interior brands in the globe.  With its heritage firmly rooted in the tradition of the finest wood craftsmanship. Every Dorya masterpiece is Handcrafted to PerfectionTM and custom made to order. It is with this unwavering commitment to deliver premium furniture with timeless appeal, Dorya continues to lead the industry.